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(Thu) February 13, 2014

Brushbot Olympics at HBA

Students Create Micro-Robots Using Toothbrush Heads and Cell Phone Batteries

Careah Baitlon, third grader, cheers for her brushbot at the Brushbot Olympics Wednesday night. Students and parents created micro-robots by attaching cell phone batteries to toothbrush heads. Photo courtesy of Dennis Kaida.
While the Sochi Winter Olympics hold the attention of the world, Hawaii Baptist Academy elementary students and their parents participated in their own Olympic Games on the night of Wednesday, February 12.

It was the Brushbot Olympics! Students and parents transformed toothbrush heads into micro-robots by attaching cell phone batteries to them. They raced the brushbots in chutes and engaged them in sumo bouts atop metal platters.

The program was presented by Future Flight Hawaii founders Art and Rene Kimura who were recently named Living Treasures of Hawaii by the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawai‘i. Future Flight Hawaii is designed to spark children's interest in science, technology and the future. The Kimuras travel to schools throughout the state staging Brushbot Olympics to encourage problem solving and teamwork.

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